About Us


Some people think we’re a franchise, but we’re not. Under my own name, I started the junk removal business in Victoria, in 1987, as Dale’s Hauling Service. As the business grew, I decided to change the name to Junkbox Junk Removal. With a fabulous crew and the great support from my many customers, the business has expanded to the running of four trucks.

Victoria is a great place to live and do business. Over the years, the disposal business has changed for the better with more ways to reuse and recycle. Here at Junkbox, we understand the importance of the environment we live in, therefore, we pride ourselves on recycling as much as possible. We also understand the importance of great service. When you are on a deadline of moving from a property, cleaning out an estate or just surprising your spouse by clearing out the garage, you want to be sure service is quick and reliable. That is what we are; quick and reliable. When you book with us, we provide you with a two hour window of time of when you can expect us to arrive to your property. Before we leave, we fold any tarps the junk or garden waste may have been on and sweep the area, leaving the area looking clean and pristine.

We Recycle, Reuse and Reduce

We make great efforts to insure all the materials we collect are disposed of properly and in the safest way possible to the environment. This means any materials that are recyclable are Recycled. Items that can be used again are returned to the refuge area so someone who could find a use for that unwanted sofa, door or other item, can find it and Reuse it. We do the best we can to Reduce what we collect to what ends up in the dump.

Unloading at the Depot

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